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Our trainers

Meet one awesome team! With a few hundred years’ experience in Videoconferencing and Unified Collaboration between them, they not only deliver the content you need to setup and understand the inner workings of Pexip, but they are also able to provide you with the wider knowledge relating to architectural design and integrations with existing systems, or a deeper technical understanding such as protocol and network analysis. All delivered in an accessible and fun way, the Pexip way.

Meet the world

Amund Frislie

Amund FrislieInitially a software developer, I have worked in various roles within UC for the last 15 years. I love ensuring our customers get the most out of using our platform and make them successful collaborating.

In Pexip, my role is mainly centered around Customer Success, Technical Support and Security.

Favourite Pexip features: Meeting Connect, i.e. using your MMV Mobile client to join (almost) any meeting.



Anders Abrahamsen

Anders AbrahamsenWith a near 20 years of experience as a consultant and instructor with concentration in Telepresence Network Infrastructure, Videoconferencing and Telepresence Architecture and Solutions, and Unified Communications. I have experience since 2000 in the videoconference and telepresence industry from both manufacturer (TANDBERG/ Cisco) and retailer. During my career in the industry I have had roles ranging from system engineer, solution architect, consultant, sales engineer and technical instructor. Sharing knowledge motivates me and I am always looking for new ways to teach how UC (Unified Communication) will enhance business.

Favorite Pexip Features: Ease of management, Scalability, xRTC coverage and Microsoft and Google integration.


Brian Conde

Brian Conde

I started working in IT from the early 2000’s, and then was involved with video/UC technologies since 2007. Since then I have worked on both the manufacturer side (Tandberg then later Cisco) and the customer side of the industry.  

I joined Videxio at the start of 2018 which was merged with Pexip at the start of 2019. 

Favorite Pexip Feature: Management and Live view




Chris Swinney

Chris SwinneyInitially trained as an Engineer then as an IT professional, I now have over 25 years’ experience within this field, specialising in Videoconferencing and Unified Communications (for the last 10 years), and networked Windows environments previously. In addition to my technical background, I also qualified as a teacher, which aids in understanding how people learn, develop, and interact with technology.

As part of the Technical Support team at Pexip since 2015, we help our customers resolve highly technical issues with their communication infrastructure, analysing and troubleshooting complex interoperability issues around SIP, H.323 and WebRTC, along with providing guidance on API and other integrations. As a team, we provide what I like to think of as the “Gold Standard” for support within this industry. We are dedicated, knowledgeable, fast, accurate, and above all, approachable and motivated to help our customers achieve the best they can with our awesome product.

I have developed a passion, nay obsession, for this technology and how it can be leveraged to enhance communication and collaboration between users and organisations. I am an excellent problem solver with a strong desire to inspire, help and educate others to get the best value and experience from our collaboration tools. As a technical trainer within Pexip, I get to share this passion and knowledge with you, making the courses fun and informative the only way I know how – the Pexip way.

Favourite Pexip features: logs that tell a story, and that story play out in Live View. 

Dennis Lorist

Dennis Lorist

I started my professional career 25 years ago in the PABX/Key Telephone systems field. From there I have moved into videoconferencing and Unified Communications. Previously, I have worked for Polycom and then Tandberg (which was acquired by Cisco), and then onto Pexip in late 2013.

My current role is a Solutions Architect handling all things technical in the Asia Pacific region.

Favourite Pexip features: local policy as it provides the ultimate configurational flexibility for the admin.



Jens Höglin

Jens Höglin

I started my professional career 12 years ago in the Cisco PBX field for a company called Cygate which is owned by Teliacompany. Working with that for a year I got assigned to help a customer to install my first Tandberg endpoint and after that I was hooked. 8 years later after installing and building a lot of different Tandberg/Cisco infrastructures and a big SP environment for Teliacompany, I joined Pexip in 2014.

My current role is a Solutions Architect in the EMEA region with a focus on the nordics.



Joe Schmid

Joe Schmid I have started more than 33 years ago in the IT industry. In my “previous life” I have opened businesses in Germany for 3 multinational IT vendors in various technical roles. In 2006 I got the chance to enter the video communication industry and since then I cannot imagine how we were able to work without visual communication before. In May 2018 I joined Pexip as Solution Architect based in Germany and enjoy consulting / helping / assisting my customers in D / A / CH. Explaining technical – sometimes complex – environments in an easy to understand fashion is great fun and my motto always is: “We are here to help!”



Jose Mendez

IJose Mendez would summarise my career in either two words; “Perform, transform”, or one sentence; “Transform the industry with the best performance”.

My objective is to be recognised as a “Trusted Advisor”, and the success formula is TA=E*E*E (Education, Exposure, Experience), but this is not enough to be successful. You should create a powerful ecosystem with partners that understand and believe in these solutions. This is the “Innovation Factor”.

Are you ready for this challenge?

Favourite Pexip features: This academy and the training we provide.

Krzysztof Grzeslo

Krzysztof GrzesloMy ICT career began at the age of 10, after building my first (working) transistor radio. Since then my interests expanded and beyond electronics and radio I chose an interdisciplinary path to cover many areas from computer hardware and software to telecommunications. This allowed me to dive into data communications and follow the expansion of the Internet.

The choice of video communications has been a natural evolution of these interests.

Favourite Pexip Feature: Audio+presentation mode of the My Meeting Video (MMV) client that allows me to attend meetings with my mobile on-the-go with high-quality audio.


Lars Bergendahl

Lars BergendahlI started my professional career over 20 years ago in the Telecom industry working both for a mobile operator and for Ericsson. In 2004 I entered the world of visual communication with different technical roles in Tandberg and later on Cisco. Started to work in Videxio in 2012 as the first pre-sales and support resource.

After the merge between Pexip and Videxio, my current role in Pexip is as a Senior Director for the Solutions Architect team in EMEA.

Favourite Pexip features: Live View


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